Looking for a Manufacturer of Plastic Containers?


Plastic is durable, in that you can toss plastic containers from a distance and not worry about them breaking. It is designed to withstand a small amount of trauma.

Light weight

Plastic is Lightweight, in that you can think Lightweight hollowcore products are made using less materials while providing superior strength to weight ratios than solid structures.


We strongly believe that every customer has his or her unique nature and vision. By keeping the customer requirement we design and develop our product.


Established in the year 1991, Daga Poly Containers (Pvt) Ltd. is a trustworthy company engaged in offering a range of high quality packaging products that are known for optimum quality and standard. We are working as a dedicated and responsible manufacturer and supplier of various plastic containers and cans. Our detailed range of products includes Plastic Containers, Jerry Canes, Bottles, Drum, Plastic Packaging Materials, Plastic Pet Bottles, Plastic Pet Containers, Plastic Pet Jars, Plastic Pet Jerry Can, etc. In addition to this, we offer HDPE Bottle, HDPE Containers, HDPE Jerrycan Jar and HDPE Jerrycan. All these products are manufactur.

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